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Swim Levels and Requirements 

Swim Assessments


 The assessment is to elavuate the level of the swimmer to be places in the best group for physical and social growth. Swimmers are expected to have complete swim lessons before the assessment. The Skill requirement for joining the team are to complete a 25 yards of freestyle, 25 yards backstroke, and 25 yards on the back kick. We also judge the swimmers maturity and listening abilities during the swim assessment. The Swimmers ability to meet the requirements does not guarantee a spot on the team, as placement on our program

also depends on availability at the swimmers level.

Please check the under SESSIONS AND CALENDAR tab for the next swim assessment availability and sign ups!

Level 1

This group will practice 2 days a week for 60 minutes. During the workouts, the swimmer will learn the fundamentals of swimming. The focus of this group is to introduce swimmers to the competitive aspect of swimming, This group

will be an introduction to all 4 strokes - Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Requirements for Level 1

  • Must be USA Swimming registered

  • Be able to swim 25 freestyle, backstroke, and flutter kick on back.

  • Be comfortable in the water for an hour

  • Age between 5-12

Goal for Level 1

 Compete in 3 different individual events at

a USA swimming meet 

Level 2

This group will practice 2 days a week for 60 minutes. The goal of the Level 2 group is to develop each swimmer so that they can complete all four competitive strokes legally to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned events.

Yardage is generally between 500-1,5000 yards per practice. 

Requirements for Level 2

  • Must be USA Swimming registered

  • Be able to swim freestyle with rhythmic breathing for 200 yards continuous 

  • Wear proper swimming attire, a swim cap & goggles

  • Swim freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke

  • Age between 6-12

Goal for Level 2

Achieve a “B” motivational standard time

in 3 events

Level 3

This group will practice 3 days a week for 60-75 minutes. The group will start to focus on the competitive aspects of swimming and have a higher focus on racing. Coaches will be working with swimmers doing drills to continue to develop strokes. During this group, swimmers will be able to swim 500 yards continuous.

Requirements for level 3

  • Must be USA Swimming registered

  • Wear appropriate swimming attire

  • Be proficient at all four swimming strokes

  • Be able to do flip turns and start off the block

  • Be able to swim 500 yards continuously 

  • Average practice yards 1500-2000 yard

  • Age between 8-14

Goal for Level 3

Achieve 3 “B” and 1 “BB” motivational standard time 

Level 4

This group will have practice offered 5 days a week for 60-90 minutes and are expected to swim 4 days a week with a minimum of 3 days. This group will start to prepare for long distance events such as the mile and 400 IM. Families will be expected to travel to more away meets such as Missoula in June.

The swimmers are expected to swim 1000 yards continuous. 

Requirements for Level 4

  • Must be USA Swimming registered

  • Wear appropriate swimming attire

  • Excel at all four swimming strokes

  • Be able to swim 1000 yards continuously

  • Averages between 2500 + yards per practice

  • Age between 10-18

Goal for Level 4

Achieve 3” BB” and 1 “A” motivational standard time

Level 5

This group will have practice offered 5 days a week and are expected to attend all workouts. This group will be set to prepare swimmers for post high school swimming. The swimmers are encouraged to

attend all swim meets in and out of state

Requirements for Level 5

  • Must be USA Swimming registered 

  • Wear appropriate swimming attire 

  • Excel at all four strokes

  • Be able to swim a mile continuously

  • Age between 12-18

Goal for Level 5

Achieve 4 or more state quaifying times, a Western Zone Time and Four Corner Sectional Time

A Quick Note from the Coach

Group Assignments and 'move ups' are some of the most difficult decisions coaches make.  Many factors go into the decision-making process including age, ability, technique, physical capacity andendurance, physical and emotional maturity, social needs and more.  While there are many individual objective measures, the end result includes lots of subjectivity.  One of the worst mistakes a coach can make is to move a swimmer up too quickly and have the athlete perceive failure.  Additionally, we generally endeavor to keep training groups together

for a season.  However, if you have questions regarding athlete group placement,

please contact the head coach at

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