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Meet Schedule

JH Stingray Meet Schedule

2024 Long Course Season


April 19-21st, 2024 - BOZ Spring Chicken Meet

Bozeman, Montana

April 26-28, 2024 - SWIMPosium /Top 5 Banquet / Pentathlon Sunday  short course meet

Cody, Wyoming

May 3-4th, 2024  Short Course Meet in Pinedale

(great meet for new swimmers and level 1 & 2 swimmers) 


May 17-19th, 2024 - Boise Invitational 

Bozeman, Montana  (cancelled due to pool maintenance )

Stay tuned for a substitute meet possibly in Boise


June 20-23, 2024 - Missoula Firecracker Meet

Missoula, Montana


July 19-21st, 2024 - Long Course Summer States

Fort Collin, Colorado (Qualifying meet)

JHSR= Jackson Hole Stingrays

HASC=High Altitude Swim Club, Lyman

KSC= Kemmerer Swim Club, Kemmerer

SWAT= Sweet Water Aquatics Team, Green River

SCST=Sublette County Swim Team, Pinedale

WYSI= Wyoming Swimming, USA Swimming LSC

Tips For a Successful Meet


Tips for a Successful Meet
So, you’re about to go to your child’s swim meet. Swim meets are an exciting opportunity for your child to bond with his/her teammates and push him/herself against swimmers of similar ability. But they can also be overwhelming for the whole family. Here are some tips to increase the fun and decrease the stress!
What to bring:
 The Meet Info sheet coaches posts this document as soon as it becomes available on the Meet Schedule tab of our blog. The meet info sheet contains everything you need to know: the sponsor team, the address of the pool, warm up times, event schedule, awards to be given, concessions, and more! Print it out, read it, and bring it along. You’ll be surprised how often you will refer to it.
 The Psych Sheet or the Event Entries sheet that coaches sends out after our registration is final. Print, and bring along!
 If your child is interested in qualifying for States, you can print the current qualifying times from the 
Wyoming Swimming website

 Suits, caps, goggles, and towels (at least 2 of each in case of things breaking, tearing, or getting lost. Also, towels get very wet by the end of the day, so extra backups in the car are a good idea).
 Deck clothes – fleece works great because it dries quickly. Robes, sweats, slippers, socks to keep muscles warm between events. Wet swimmers are cold swimmers!
 Activities to keep busy between events – cards, coloring books/sketch paper and crayons, pencils, etc, board games, puzzle books, etc. NO ELECTRONICS, PLEASE! Swim meets are a great time for teammates to socialize and have fun together and to cheer for their teammates!
 Sharpies and highlighters (a couple of each, since they disappear easily).
 Deck chairs and blankets if allowed (refer to the meet info sheet before packing).
 Healthy snacks like yogurt, carrot sticks, sliced fruit, nuts – things that are easy to eat and digest to keep your swimmer’s energy up during the day.
 Lunch, if there will be a lunch break. The meet concession stand usually provides snack and lunch options to buy as well, but the choices are not always the healthiest.
 Plenty of water! Your swimmer (and you) need to stay hydrated.
 A small insulated lunch bag or cooler is a great asset.
Have your swimmer pack their own bags – swim gear, deck clothes, activities, etc. Get them involved and invested in their success! Of course, if your child is young, give them small assignments, and please double check their work to avoid a pool-side crisis at the meet.

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